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my darkc0der friend question

I got it working perfectly. Included the 2 trials method and blocking of Account after:)
Now the only problem am having is when putting the pin.

input = int(raw_input(“Enter ur 4-digit PIN : “))

If a char is entered, it brings up a compiler error. I want it to bring out my error like
print ‘Ure to enter an int ONLY’

Anoda thn, is there a way i can limit the input value? Like its meant to be 4-digit. Anyhelp with ‘len’. That makes it possible for only 4 digit to be entered.

Thnks in Advance.

import sys

	inputme = int(raw_input("[-] Enter ur 4-digit PIN : "))
except ValueError:
	print "[!] hey input numeric only asshole...."

filteredinput = str(inputme)
if len(filteredinput) != 4:
	print "[!] hey input 4 numeric asshole...."
"""Now inputme length is 4 and it's clean from str"""
print "[-] You has inputted %s" % inputme

Sorry, anoda question. Is there any built-in-function that uses the ‘wait technique’ . Smthn lyk

print ‘\nVerifying password’
#then waits for like 5 secs. After d 5secs.It prints out the next statement.
print ‘\nPassword Verified’

import os
print '[-] Verifying password...'
if password == verified:
	print '[+] Password Verified'
	print '[+] Password Unverified'

i hope that question can answered your question too ;)


How to check existence of file in python

Checking existence file in python

import os.path
if os.path.isfile("filename"):
	print "Your file is exist !"
	print "Your file is not exist !"

Introducing the for basic Loop

>>> li = ['a', 'b', 'e']
>>> for s in li:
...     print s
>>> print "\n".join(li)
>>> for i in range(5):
...     print i
>>> li = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e']
>>> for i in range(len(li)):
...     print li[i]


well after darkjumper v4.0 was rock up by my big brother , mywisdom .
now i’m and mywisdom developed darkjumper v5.0 (now v5.3) and added more function in darkjumper
with this, i released this tools and some tutorial how to using this tools and what’s new in this version…

Toolname     : v5.3
Developed by : mywisdom & gunslinger_ < c0der>
Released on  : 15 ,February 2010
Download url :

1. User enumeration(s) guessing based on 4-8 chars trial taken from every site name that host at the same server
2. Scan for sql injection,local file inclusion,remote file inclusion and blind sql injection on every site(s) at the same server
3. CGI and Path(s) Scanning
4. Portscanning
5. Autobruteforcing after user enumeration
6. Autoinjector - autocolumnfinder (mysql) if found mysql bug if found
7. Proxy added
8. Verbocity added
9. IP or proxy checker and GeoIP usefull for checking your IP or your proxy work or not

Additional feature: more fake http user agent(s)
Requirement(s): - python : 2.5.x
		- perl

Now we’re go to tutorial section :

before scanning : make sure you always clearlog before scanning by execute


allright folks , now we’re ready to try execute darkjumper and show the option by

./ -h


./ --help

and we got like this…

in this version, we have 6 mode. there is :
reverseonly				| Only reverse target no checking bug
surface					| Checking for sqli and blind sqli on every web that host at the same target server
full					| Checking for sqli,blind,rfi,lfi on every web that host at the same target server
cgidirs					| Scanning cgidirs on the target server
enum [number] 				| Guessing possible user enumeration on server (4-8 chars user enumeration)
portscan [startport]-[endport]		| Scanning open port on server target

ok there is any full description on it…

– reverseonly
in this mode, darkjumper only reverse target ip. no checking any bug .
Command is :

./ -t [target] -m reverseonly

Example :

– surface
This mode, darkjumper reverse the target then check sqli (sql injection vulnerability) and blind (blind sql injection vulnerability) on every web that host at the same target server
Good is in this version and up, we’re also trying to finder the column automatic if we got mysql type error ! phew !
Command is :

./ -t [target] -m surface

example :

– full
This mode, darkjumper will reverse target then check CGI path and checking sqli (sql injection vulnerability) , blind (blind sql injection vulnerability) , lfi (local file inclusion) , rfi (remote file inclusion) on every web that host at the same target server . autoinjector or autocolumn finder working to in this mode if we got mysql error.
Command is :

./ -t [target] -m full

Example :

– cgidirs
This mode, darkjumper only checking CGI path checking on your target

Command is :

./ -t [target] -m cgidirs

Example :

– enum
This mode, darkjumper reverse the target then Guessing possible user enumeration on server (4-8 chars user enumeration)

Command is :

./ -t [target] -m enum [number]

Example command :

./ -t [target] -m enum 4

Example :

Note : You can enable autoftpbruteforcing by :

./ -t [target] -m enum [number] -a 

(argument -a is for autoftpbruteforcing)

Example :

– portscan
This mode, darkjumper only checking open port on your target
Command is :

./ -t [target] -m portscan [startport]-[endport]

Example command :

./ -t localhost -m portscan 15-22

Example :

You can make it verbose by :

./ -t localhost -m portscan 15-22 -v

Example :

And you can check your ip and your proxy .
if you wanna check your proxy your command is

./ -p [proxyaddress:port]

or you wanna check your own ip address

./ -c 

You want stop your scanning? simply type this command
killall -9 /usr/bin/python & killall -9 /usr/bin/perl

allright guys that’s it ! hopely you can enjoy !!
Don’t forget to check latest version or report bug @