break a time, with break the c0de…

About me


i’m gunslinger_ (my nickname). i was born in 1993 . i live in jakarta, indonesia. my hobby is playing some game (that’s my hobby when i was little), playing guitar and code some program. i love linux than windows, because it’s more faster and reliable. but i’m on windows sometime. i don’t break into system for life (hacks, carders, etc), but i develop some program (like develop some website & software). my goals just to create better and better system. not perfect, because we can’t measure the perfections.

i started this blog in january 2010.

in 2008, i founded devilzc0de security group ( / a group that aiming sharing the knowledge, research, and learn together.

you can browse any project that developed by me in this blog here
feel free to contact me you can see this page for contact  and please don’t be hesitate to donate me you can donate me by click paypal donate in project page or at the bottom blog page bellow.