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Our characters are mice and rats that represent the profesionals of the software industry.
We use this archetype because most of these people develop dirty,
badly documented code without quality criteria.
We are tired of this behavior and we want to contribute with healthy ideas
in order to bring better results for everyone.

Max (Programmer & Architect)

Max is a programmer that uses technology for its own sake.
His ideas are not the most intelligent in the universe,
but he knows how to entertain his collegues with his geek style.
His body cannot live without coffee and his brilliant mind is dependent on that substance.

Besides programming, Max is a great architect (well, at least he thinks this way)
and he knows how to create multi-layered complex architectures (mainly when this is not necessary).
Max’s dream is to own an Open Source project just to become famous.
He is not concerned about the utility of the project for the community.

Mix (Programmer & Database Administrator)

Mix is a cool programmer that likes data storage mechanisms.
He doesn’t really know the difference between relational and object-oriented databases,
but this should not be a problem since the persistency layer will abstract these and other details
(let’s forgive him for now).

Mix does not care if his job is boring and his productivity is low.
He just blames the company and the former programmers for the problems of the spaghetti code.
He also ignore other oportunities that could make his life more challenging.
As long as the company pays correctly, the job is fine for him.

Jim (Manager)

Jim is the manager of the team. His thoughts on
how to control employees are not in the psychology books,
and sometimes he just pretents to be unaware of problems
just to check the sanity of the developers (or simply to drive them crazy).
Jim claims to be very smart and has created his own management rules.
By the way, pragmatism and gratitude are not in his vocabulary.
In his opinion, the developer’s productivity should not depend on the work environment.
If this is not the case, pressure can be used to push the team forward.


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