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Date release : Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010 $ 9:13 PM
This tool will try to find every website that host at the same server at your target
Then check for every vulnerability of each website that host at the same server
Vulnerable check including : sqli, blind, lfi, rfi, rce
Download link :
Md5 & Sha1 cracker generator encrypter and multiple function .
With eight module and easy to use.
Update available of the tools…
Download link :
Darkcgi is a python script for scanning 592 CGI paths on a given target.
Download link :
FTP brute forcing utility written in Python.
Download link :
This is an ascii to shellcode encoder / decoder tool written in Python.
Download link :
A different shellcode architecture x86
Download link :
This is a simple Gmail account checker.
Download link :
python script that bruteforcing buffer
download link :
Python script that bruteforcing twitter account and freezer
download link :
Sha1 checksum : ae5954549026624634b4915fe3b7c0de241dd72a
md5 checksum : 67e5709ed51d54a0015132eab418c055
Stackbf is tools for automated exploitation buffer overflow with ASLR .
download link :
stackbf2 is stack bruteforce utility against buffer overflow programs with ASLR. Provides polymorphic shellcode for /bin/sh. using automated get return address with high accuracy
download link :
This is facebook bruteforcer utility…
Using mechanize module make the program like browser simulation, and cookielib for cookie handling…
Full python error handling…
Download link :
This is hotmail account bruteforcer utility . written in python .
Download link :
AdminLoginFnder is a perl script that scans webservers for administrative login / control panel sections. can be use with CLI or GUI mode .
Download link :
PyProxy is a Proxy Hunter and Tester, A high-level cross-protocol proxy-hunter python library
Download link :
StackFlowers is a program that create pattern at the buffer, calculate pattern offset, write pattern buffer into specific variable name & programming language. Used for stack overflow exploit development.
Download link :